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YEHUDA TASSA began to work in Yemenite Filigree at the age of six. Taught by his father, a well-known jeweler in Yemen, he worked in the family jewelry business for sixteen years. Yehuda studied Aeronautics Engineering and received his PhD. After retiring from an aerospace career, he revitalized his ‘lost art’ by prolifically producing both ancient and modern filigree designs. He creates jewelry and teaches in the Northern California, incorporating both ancient and modern tools and techniques into his workshops. Yehuda Tassa also gives lectures to local jewelry organizations on the traditions and historical aspects of authentic Yemenite filigree.
Yehuda is working to preserve the history of Yemenite Filigree through his own personal and family knowledge, his research, and by spreading the word through teaching filigree and granulation workshops.
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You can contact Yehuda at ytassa@pacbell.net